субота, 14. јун 2014.

Pin Bracelet

Every seamstress needs a pincushion...
However, has it ever happened to you that just when you sit at your machine, you realize that your pins were left somewhere miles away? Or, you need to remove all your pins from a piece you're working on but have nowhere to pin them, the pincushion is lost, and the little big-headed devils are rolling down and falling all over the floor! Many times I've had situations when I pinned a piece of material wrongly, and had to do it all over again, but my pincushion was nowhere to be found.

Well, this ingenious invention (which, by the way, isn't mine) makes sewing much easier even for the most forgetful and messiest tailors :)

Whatever you do with your needles and pins, the pincushion-bracelet will always be with you and speed up the work. You won't get nervous or waste precious time looking for pins and digging in your clutter, 'cause we all know that work automatically brings mess too.

The Pin Bracelet fastens with a button, and the width can be adjusted by pulling the button through one of the several holes on the strap.

If you are right-handed, wear your Pin Bracelet on your left wrist and vice versa - left-handed sewers should wear it on their right wrist.

Happy sewing!!!

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