Red Cotton Dress

Sizes: S (M/L/XL)

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- 500 (550/600/650) gr of cotton yarn "Helena" in carmine red, 100gr = 250m (or any other yarn for the hook size No. 3).
- Crochet hook No. 3
- 10 small white beads (which can be pulled through the yarn)
- Some fabric to line the dress - about 1m x 140cm, thread and needle to sew the lining
- elastic band

Front and back pieces (worked in rounds)

Part A (from red line up)

To make the dress start by crocheting part A. Begin a little below the waist (from the red line up like shown in the drawing below). The drawing shows the dress front, while the back is the same only without the cups (parts B), and the dress is worked in rounds - front and back in one piece.


The sequence on the diagram below shows the pattern for smallest size: S - 5 sts for the vertical stripes plus 14 sts for the shell;

For size M - the sequence will be: 6 sts for the vertical stripes plus 14 sts for the shell;

For size L - the sequence will be 7 sts for the vertical stripes plus 14 sts for the shell.

For size XL - the sequence will be 8 sts for the vertical stripes plus 14 sts for the shell.



ch - chain
rnd - round
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
bobble - 3 triple crochet stitches worked together
st(s) - stitch(es)
sk - skip

To begin chain 190 (200/210/220), and join the first and last chains - you will be working the dress in rounds. Follow the diagram (begin each round with ch3 = 1dc; this initial ch3 will be referred to as dc in the rest of the instructions).
Rnd 1 - *5dc (6dc/7dc/8dc), ch3, sk4, 1sc, ch5, sk4, 1sc, ch3, sk4*. Repeat from * to * 9 more times.
Rnd 2 - *5dc (6dc/7dc/8dc), ch3, 12dc in second arch of ch5, ch3, sk next arch; from * to * repeat 9 more times.
Rnd 3 - *5dc (6dc/7dc/8dc), ch2, (1bobble over the first 3sts of the previous rnd), ch3) 1bobble over the next 3sts, ch3, 1bobble over the next 3sts, ch3, 1 bobble over the last 3sts, ch2*. Repeat from * to * 9 more times.
Rnd 4 - *5dc (6dc/7dc/8dc), ch4, 1sc in the arch between the first 2 bobbles, ch5, 1sc between the last 2 bobbles, ch4; from * to * repeat 9 more times.

Repeat rnds 1-4 six more times, but in the last 4 rnds increase the number of dc by 1, i.e. at the beginning of each sequence repetition start with 6dc (7dc/8dc/9dc) instead of  5dc (6dc/7dc/8dc). That way you will increase the upper part of section A of the dress where your body is wider (this is just below the bust).

Next rnd - *6dc (7dc/8dc/9dc), 4dc in the next arch, 3dc in the next arch, 4dc in the next arch*. Repeat from * to * 9 more times. Next rnd - 1dc over each 1dc from previous rnd. At the end of this rnd break yarn.

Picture 3

Part B - cups

After completing part A, begin crocheting the cups (B) separately.

Left Cup - From right side facing, attach the yarn just above the middle arch of any shell and continue like this:

row 1 - 2 sl sts in 2 sts of the previous rnd (on the right), (5dc) in the st where you attached the yarn, 1sl st in the 2nd dc of the previous rnd (on the left). After each last dc at the end of each row, work 1 sl st in the 2nd dc of the last rnd of part A in order to attach the whole lower side of the cup to part A. Turn.

row 2 - 2dc, 5dc in the next st, 2dc. Turn.

row 3 - 4dc, 5dc in the next st, 4dc. Turn.

Continue with these increases - work dc at one side of the cup until you get to the top (middle) st in which you work 5dc, then continue with dc down the other side of the cup. Work 13 (14/15/16) rows. When you finish, the lower side of the cup should stretch from one group of 6dc (7dc/8dc/9dc), which will be the center front, to the fourth one, which will be the side, and there are 3 shells between them (see Picture 3 above). 

Work the right cup in the same way.

Part C - skirt

Now you can start the skirt – part C, by attaching the thread to the lower edge of part A.

Continue in the same pattern as part A but as the skirt goes longer, widen it proportionally to the shape of your hips by adding extra dc stitches in the groups of 5 (6/7/8) in every 2nd rnd until there are 12 (13/14/15) dc in each group of vertical stripes. Start the increases from the 3rd rnd. This means that in rnd 3 you will have 6 (7/8/9) dc instead of 5 (6/7/8), in rnd 5 there will be 7 (8/9/10), etc. Continue straight, without increasing, in the pattern until you get the desired length.

Picture 4

In Picture 4 you can see the first 3 rows of part A (top of picture) and below them (in the shape of an eye) is the beginning of part C – the skirt – which is crocheted downwards.


For 1 strap crochet a chain of desirable length, attach the last chain loop to the cup top, then crochet one row of single crochet with picots at every 7th stitch (picot = ch3, sl st in the 1st ch of ch3). Crochet another row of sc and picots on the opposite side of the chain. Make another strap in the same way. Sew the straps to the back of the dress.

Edging and Finishing

On the lower edge of the skirt work sc stitches with a picot after every 7th stitch. Do the same on the upper part of the dress – around the cups, under arms and along the back line of part A.

Sew elastic band on the inside of the upper back side and under arms for a better fit around your body because cotton gets loose after some time of wearing it. Line the dress with a suitable fabric.

When you finish the dress, the cleavage might seem too deep to you. To make it smaller, you can crochet a chain about 75cm long and pull it through the sides of the cups like you would do in a corset. Start at the point where the two cups meet and go upward. Pull 5 white beads through the yarn and secure with a knot.


  1. Одговори
    1. You're welcome, Irena! Thank YOU for the comment, I'm happy to have finally written these instructions because many people have been asking me to do that for quite some time. Wishing you happy crocheting and would definitely love to see your dress! :)

  2. hello Jelena,
    this is truly a lovely dress. I however, have a question; the instruction for the small size calls for chaining 190chns, 5dc and the shell which is a total of six chains. repeating this 10x total would equal 60chains. even using a smaller weight yarn and needle, it seems too large. Am I missing something,. or perhaps am reading the written instructions wrong? please explain.....Thank you. Again beautiful dress!

    1. Dear Christine L, thank you for posting a nice comment. After I'd read everything you asked me, I double checked my dress and, yes, it does have 190 chain sts for the smallest size. I don't know if you noticed that the dress is worked in rounds in one piece, i.e. front and back are crocheted together. The thread that I worked with is for hook No.3 (pretty thick) and this is the measure which I used for writing the instructions. Another important fact is that the foundation chain is always a little longer than the piece itself, so once you begin with the rounds the work will shrink a bit. I suggest you try following my instructions, do 1 or 2 rnds and then measure that work around your body (about 7-10cm below your waist) and see if it fits. I would really appreciate some feedback if you have the time. And I would definitely love to see your version of the dress. Thanks again! :)

  3. I just found this site and the patterns. I am so excited to make some of these like your beautiful dress. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the dress and hope to see yours soon :)

  4. Hello love the pattern but I am stuck on the cup part. Can you explain or do u have a written diagram?

    1. Hello Kecia! I'm afraid I don't have a diagram for the cups. Tell me where you're stuck, I might be able to help.


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